Best idea ever!

Finding entertainment isn`t hard at all, but finding entertainment that entertains a whole bunch of people and gives you some excitement from the event is different! What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of entertainment that will be so great that even the weirdest person who normally doesn`t enjoy anything will enjoy it? Huh? The answer is simple! Shooting amazing firearms at targets in the best shooting range in Prague!

muž se zbraní

If you are looking for the right entertainment for a perfect day, take advantage of the opportunity to shoot at the shooting range. If you use this option – you won`t regret it for a second! Don`t worry, this fun is suitable for anyone over eighteen years old! Set up such a shooting range even for a few hours, use the possibilities of teams in a larger group and come compete against each other. The winner takes… it`s up to you!

Believe that such fun can be legendary!

šťastní lidé

It is possible to make such a nice part of the day with your soul mate. The action, the sound of the bullet flying, and the gunshot itself is an aphrodisiac for some people. Do you have a good other half? Also take the opportunity to celebrate your birthday at the shooting range. Thanks to this, everything can become much more varied. Do different shooting competitions – for the best score and maybe even the worst score of all. Adventure is always an unforgettable moment in all human hearts.

If you need more detailed information or just general information about the selected shooting range, you can always find it on the website, including prices, location and opening hours. If there`s something you can`t find or simply don`t want to look for, just call the phone number and ask everything you`re interested in. Plan one of the best days and experiences as soon as possible! You don`t need anything but an appetite for action. We look forward to your visit and hope that you will visit again.